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Schedule Avast Boot-Time Scan

For detecting and removing malware from the system, the effective way is to run Avast Free Antivirus boot-time scan. It is effective because the scanning process runs before the Windows starts and thus there is no chance for rootkits and other modifiers to hide themselves. There are two important things you need to keep in mind: Those who are not acquainted with this process of detecting can easily delete or move system's files.The process of boot-time scan can take very long. If your Avast Free antivirus is not updated or has a previous version, then either touch or right-click on Avast icon in the system tray. Expand update and then select Program.
First, schedule a Boot-time scanning-Access the Avast User Interface.Go to Protection> Antivirus.Select Other Scans option.Choose Boot-time Scan. Click Run on next PC reboot after clicking Install specialized definitions for running the detecting process letting the other system restart.  You will see a screen of a scanning progres…