How to get the Avast Antivirus Setup log File if the Installation fails?

We install best of security softwares and other applications to secure our systems. These softwares are nothing but the antivirus and antimalwares that prevent our computers from getting being hacked. There is an actual need of installing these softwares as there is always a big array of people or particularly the hackers which try to sneak into our systems. These antiviruses not only secure our computers but also make it more comfortable to surf the internet. You can surf the internet as much as you want after installing this application. And if you want best of security then Avast is the correct option for you. It produces best in class anti-viruses and other security softwares.

From its wide range of offerings, you can choose your kind of product. And if you want complete security for free then again it has the best solution. You need to install the Avast free antivirus. This product is completely free and easy to use. You also can take the help of Avast support in process of installing any of its products. 

But what if you try to install this product and it produces an error. No worries, follow the next mentioned steps in order to see the easy solution:
  1. On the setup wizard log, press the view logger button to open the file.
  2. There is an option of changing the verbosity of your files, to change these settings, press the debug column and then click copy to clipboard option.
  3. Now, open notepad and click the edit button in there and select the paste option to copy the already selected content.
  4. Save this document as SetupLog.txt in the desired location.
  5. Finally, go to the log viewer again and close that setup.
  6. Now you need to send this file as a ZIP to the support forum to find the reason behind the failure of your installation.

You can contact Avast support from your phone to get an additional help also. This support team can do the required task on your behalf. They will handle your entire problem and then will provide you the best possible solution.


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